from Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza, Batty Goth Sahjaza , Mothercrow Sahjaza and The Court of Enchanted Haven to the Sahjaza Family Reunion

Early Bird tickets are only on sale threw tomorrow May 31. Get them now !!!!!

(after early bird tickets are done you can still buy tickets at the normal $40 price)


Important Information

Lodging, Friday dinner, Sunday brunch and after party is not included in ticket. The ticket is your ticket to an fantasy location an Island with a Castle and catered luncheon there is an after party to be announced at the event this event is no drugs no alcohol


Dream catchers

for those who can't make the event or those who just want to marke they were there

We will be hanging dream catchers that our members have made around the event so that a part of everyone can be with us and help protect the dreams of all of Sahjaza. they can me designed and made out of anything. make it represent who you are. All dream catchers will be hung will the name of the maker on them. please send all dream catchers when finished to 

   Brittany Loka

  200 E 1st Street Apt A

Merrill Wi 544532


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